Mega Unit Technology Limited is an One-Stop All IT solutions Provider. Our focus is to improve IT operations and systems in a way that allows our customers to forget about what is going on behind the scenes.

We are able to do this by delivering all aspects of IT to you all based on industry best practices, standards, governance architectures and specific proven methodologies therefore ensuring your experience is stable, consistent, predictable and reliable. All of this is centered around systems that will grow with your business, help you feel safe and secure, and are focused on time and cost efficiency.

We provdes:


IT Maintenance and Support Services
Computers are, by design, very rugged and dependable pieces of equipment. However, like other machines, they age. Several basic procedures, when performed on a regular basis, can prevent premature failures and lower the risk of computer downtime that affects the computer logistics. Implementation of a scheduled maintenance program is recommended.

Consultancy Services
We provide professional IT consulting services which assists clients to plan and implement their IT strategies, and local and overseas projects. Our professionals possess robust experience in various large and small projects both locally and internationally. For example, we had worked on projects on enlarging bandwidth for a Hong Kong office and Canada office, connection between wireless and wired network.

Office Relocation Services
We provide one stop system relocation and setup service for phone system and data network system. We plan, disconnect, pack, re-install, setup and provide networking of phone and data system which tailored to customers’ needs.

Office Cabling Services
We offer site visits and assist in all the planning and implementation phases of network cabling projects. We understand the dynamics of structured cabling and how a poor network installation can impact your business. Any well planned and successful network installation should give you the required reliability and speeds you desire for your Local Area Network (LAN).

IT Management & Training Services
Staff is the most important asset to the company. To implement office automation and improve efficiency, staff training is essential. We offer tailored made training course to companies that help improves company’s efficiency.

IT Helpdesk Services
Companies are able to save vast amount of expense in supporting an IT team by outsourcing their IT support and management to trusted parties. With our professional supporting team, we provide professional service on network traffic balancing, backup services, repair services, recovery services on facility provisions. Moreover, we provide design, consultation and implementation services on network integration, storage management, database management, system support, tailored-made software programs.

System & Data Backup Solutions
Keeping your business-critical systems safe and secure can be a full-time job. Data backup is essential for when disaster strikes and helps with your business continuity planning.
Every company should plan for business continuity planning to prepare for those rare, but devastating occurrences that seriously impact on your business’s ability to operate.
Our Business Continuity Planning consultancy service will help you identify the risks that your business is exposed to, such as the loss of business resulting from major system failures or site loss.

Managed Firewall Security Solutions
Firewall is part of an overall security policy that creates a perimeter defense designed to protect the information resources of the organization. It enforces access control policies between networks by determining the inside services available from outside and vice versa, providing a single “Choke point” where security audits may be performed, providing information about who has been “sniffing” around, restricting people from entering a controlled area and policing employee Internet access.Our experts are experienced in customizing the customers’ individual needs to the policy setup, which design and setup policies, management strategies for different levels of users that tailored to the customers’ needs.

IT Outsourcing Service
IT operations need to run silently and securely, but they also need to carry you into the future. With more than 60 years of experience, we provides secure, reliable IT Outsourcing (ITO) services that can help you bridge the gap between legacy IT and innovation.

We begin by simplifying your existing infrastructure using proven tools and intelligent automation, and we find ways to lower operating costs by up to 30 percent, so you can invest in the future of your IT estate.



Accounting for more than 75 billion downloads of their 1.3 million plus applications, Apple’s iOS leads the market in mobile web data consumption.

With over a million activations daily, Google’s Android dominates the smartphone world market.


Website development covers everything from a brochure website build based on CMS, through an e-commerce solution and all the way to custom built portals aimed at providing support for your business.

We have partnered with a number of leading CMS and E-commerce vendors to bring cost effective and secure solutions to our clients.


Throughout the company we are very passionate about creating quality software products, which is our main focus and the largest part of what we do. We’re here to help you develop a tailor-made software product from start to finish.